Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tufi Village

Today we visited Tufi Village. We were transported by local ship to the end of a fjord and then into a mangrove by outrigger canoe to the village where we were greeted by angry villagers who would not let us pass without knowing why we had come. When we informed them that we were only here to see the making of Sago we were allowed to enter the village where we were greeted with fragrant floral necklaces. Of course the challenge to our entering was just symbolic. We were shown demonstrations of the various stages of Sago making from the chopping of the tree core into sawdust like substance on to the filtering and finally the cooking of the paste. We then got to taste the finished product. Sago is a staple of the local diet. Also demonstrated were facial tattooing and the traditional making of fire. Later we were transferred again by canoe to another village where we saw dancing and singing by the school children as a thank you for the support the village had received from the Orion.

In the afternoon we headed for the beach for some swimming and snorkeling.

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Roderick Eime said...

Hi Scott, Tufi is just fantastic. I've written about it on many occasions. Love the people and blissful isolation. Scuba diving is very special.