Wednesday, October 24, 2007


The Orion is a magnificent ship. She is 318ft. long and accommodates a maximum of 106 guests. Those guests are served by 75 crew members which is a very high guest to crew ratio. For this Tauck voyage we have 79 passengers aboard. Orion is considered an expedition ship with an Ice Class Hull and 10 Zodiacs to get passengers to and from remote shore destinations. She draws only 12 ft. so can maneuver in shallow water. The Orion has a cruising speed of 15.5 knots.
Today we spent the day at sea on our way to Watam Village and the Sepik River. After breakfast we had a lengthy briefing on tomorrows destination followed by a presentation by Robin Tauck about Taucks World of Giving philanthropic program to enhance the people and places they visit. In the afternoon is a presentation by our onboard historian about the Pacific Campaign of World War II and how it affected Papua New Guinea.
Yesterday there was a hike to one of the active volcano areas that also is the nesting ground for birds known as Megapodes. They dig deep into the ground to bury their eggs. Local villagers then dig up the nest sites to get the eggs to sell in the markets. Pictured here are a group of villagers displaying their find.


Anonymous said...

That's Scott second from the left.

Anonymous said...

I hope the villagers are leaving enough eggs in the ground that the megapode birds will not become endangered but will have many birds, and eggs, for future generations.